Thursday, September 13, 2012

Frozen writer shares Ice Cube recipe

Have you ever done this? I've spent the last two weeks trying to write one sentence. ONE SENTENCE! 
Coming soon!

Okay, so it was the first sentence of the first novelette that I'll self-publish on Kindle. It's a prequel to my debut historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME, so it needs to be available before the actual date of Zero Time--Dec. 21, 2012. And I've drafted another novelette that needs to be published before then, too.

You've probably already figured out why I froze: striving for excellence is one thing, but I put too much importance on making it perfect and getting it out immediately. That can be a recipe for disaster.

Which brings me to a recipe that I found on for ice cubes -- a frozen treat we all love, but seldom think about until we get stuck without it. If you ever find yourself frozen like I was, just remember the right words don't always come automatically. Sometimes you have to fill the empty "word trays" and wait patiently--you can't make "ice" freeze any faster.

Don't miss the comments at! They're hilarious.

2 cups water (approximately)
2 tablespoons water (additional if needed)


1-- Empty the ice cubes that are left in the trays (if there are any left) into the bin.
2--Take the trays over to the sink and fill them with cold water.
3--Place the water filled ice trays back in the freezer.
4--Replace the ice bin if you had to remove it.
5--Shut the door to the freezer.

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  1. Oh my gosh I do that all the time! Sometimes I will agonize for hours over word choice! Yeesh.