Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easy Fudge

The past few weeks have got away from me. Time seemed to be going at warp speed around me but I was standing still. One day my kids brought a reminder note home that I needed to send a baked treat for them to share, tomorrow. Only, my child didn’t give me said note until bedtime the night before. For the love!


Thankfully, I’m a chocolate hound and stash bags of chocolate chips in my pantry. (When I say stash, I mean like four or five bags tucked under the rolled oats inside a sealed plastic container in the back of the pantry… You never know when the craving will hit…) Anyway, I knew how to fix this. I have a simple quick recipe for fudge that tastes like a chocolate bar, and what child doesn’t like a candy bar?


You will need:

1 can of sweet and condensed milk

2 bags of milk chocolate chips

Dash of salt (I seriously do two pinches)

1 tsp of vanilla

Nut or Toffee (optional)


Melt s&c milk, salt, and chocolate chips together on low to medium heat.

Once melted to a creamy consistency remove from heat.

Add Vanilla (and optional nuts or toffee).

Stir well.

Pour into lined pan and chill until set. Dump out and cut into squares.  

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