Thursday, October 4, 2012

Killer Recipes Even a Klutz Can Cook!

Call it serendipity, but when I started thinking about what to write for today, I came across the following post by my friend Cindy Sample. A fellow L&L Dreamspell author, Cindy brings humor and romance to her murder mysteries. So I asked to share her thoughts AND a link to the PASSIONATE COOKS free cookbook! Take it away, Cindy...
There’s a nasty rumor going around that I can’t cook.  I’m not sure where this rumor started, but I’m guessing it began somewhere in my kitchen. Maybe near that burner that ignited the last time I tried to sear a salmon.
Possibly it originated in the microwave. Have you ever seen a hot dog explode? It’s quite a sight.
I’m still peeling dried sweet potato fluff off my kitchen cabinets from last Christmas. They did add a nice orange luster to the oak, though.
 The cooking gene seems to have skipped a generation in my family. Fortunately, my children determined at an early age that they preferred to eat food that did not come packaged in Styrofoam cartons, so they learned to cook to avoid starving to death. My daughter particularly excels in baking any recipe that involves chocolate, while I excel in eating any recipe that involves chocolate!
When All Romance e-books asked if I wanted to be included with the hottest romance authors in town, and all I had to do was contribute a recipe to their new Passionate Cooks, I immediately said yes. I wasn’t going to let a little thing like my inability to distinguish between a TSP. and a TBSP. stop me from swapping recipes with other romance authors.
These ladies have crafted sizzling recipes with even more sizzling titles. Who could resist Sensual Sticky Buns, Date Me – Baby, Passionate Pesto Pasta, Smokin’ Hot Bourbon Beef, and my particular favorite, Sexy Stromboli.
I have no idea what Sexy Stromboli is, but I definitely want one. I’m just not sure if I want it in the kitchen or my bedroom!
My own contribution is a recipe that was not handed down from generation to generation. It was handed up from my daughter. With a slight tweak from moi. In honor of my passion for ballroom dancing, I’ve named it Hot Cha Cha Cha Chipotle Cake. Once you’ve eaten a slice, you’ll need to cha cha off those tasty calories.
CLICK HERE for the FREE cookbook, and get yourself a copy today.

ABOUT CINDY SAMPLE: After one too many corporate mergers, Cindy Sample found herself plotting murder instead of plodding through paperwork. Her first Laurel McKay mystery, DYING FOR A DATE, combines bad dates, real estate, a few dead bodies, and plenty of giggles. The sequel, DYING FOR A DANCE, which she describes as Murder She Wrote meets DWTS, won the Northern California Publishers & Authors 2011 Best Fiction Award. The book was also a finalist for the LEFTY Award for best humorous mystery. RT Book Reviews says “Sample’s sleuth is an endearing character readers will adore.”


  1. The recipe book looks like sooo much fun!!

  2. Ansha, the recipe is so easy I don't even need to look at it anymore. But once it's baked and sitting on your counter, it's impossible to resist!

  3. Great fun. Congratulations Cindy for your many awards and accomplishments. author of Ghost Orchid.

  4. A free cookbook! AWESOME! Thanks so much for such a fun/funny post!

  5. Thanks DK and Cole. Those recipes really are great. It's a good thing I don't have time to try them all. I'd have to cha cha to the store and back to work off the calories!