Thursday, August 30, 2012


Last night I made some of my dad’s famous country fried steaks he made back in the day at our family restaurant. The scent of worchestire sauce made my mouth water while flipping them over the final time. My hands shook with anticipation as I cut into my first piece. The fork inches from my mouth, I shut my eyes and closed my mouth around the meat, and chewed. My eyes popped open. The overwhelming taste of salt buzzed my tongue. I swallowed hard and instantly grabbed the glass of milk in front of me. Downing half of it in three gulps.

Too much of something can ruin a good thing, as you can see I have a pesky habit of over-writing. If I would have paid more attention while seasoning the streak would have been fine, but I got carried away. In my writing, I do the same. I have to tell myself keep it simple then after I tasted it, or re-read it, I can add more if needed. Although it is much easier to go back and review the story before anyone else can see it. Cooking is a little trickier, but like writing it takes practice.


Lee’s Country Fried Steak

Cubed steak
1 Egg
1 can evaporated milk
Your choice of steak seasonings
Melted butter (about 4 sticks)
Worchestire sauce
1 can of beer *OPTIONAL*

Mix flower with pepper in a cake pan. Whisk egg, milk, and beer together in brownie size pan. Pool about 2tbsp melted butter on hot grill.

Dip cubed steak in milk mixture then flour. Place battered steak in pooled butter. When blood raises to surface of meat, season, drizzle worchestire, and butter over top. Turn over and repeat until steak is cooked through center. *season to taste* *drizzle butter before you flip meat over each time.*

When done, top with gravy of choice and enjoy!


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