Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines and Chocolates

Valentines Day brings out the mushy side in me and got it me thinking about the things I love. After compiling a mental list, I noticed that after my family the next two items were books and chocolate.

We’ve all read books that have us rooting for a certain girl to end up with that one guy. But, sometimes the author has done such a good job of creating characters it’s darn near impossible to pick what TEAM you want to win the girls heart. At the moment that series is Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

I usually have my favorite but she has made it really hard to pick. It’s kind of like a box of chocolates (got to love my Gump). They all look so good when you first open up the package. Then you taste a few, finding which ones have that flavor you’ve been craving. The truffles outer coating melts away to reveal a luscious center that coats your tongue, but the square shaped chocolates keep whispering to you, “When your teeth cracks my shell the rich gooey caramel will go perfect with that strawberry centered one you just ate.”  It’s vicious. Do I want Tamani or David to end up with Laurel?  They are completely different, but both desirable.

To go along with this post I’d planned on making my chocolates and sharing how great they are, but it didn’t happen. I got new floors instead and my house was turned upside down. I’m not joking, my children were lucky they were fed and dressed this past week. So, as a consolation prize I’m going to share another thing from the awesomeness of Aprilynne, a link over her post about her chocolates. Trust me they are WAY better than mine have ever turned out. Enjoy and have a great Valentines everyone.

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  1. Wow! If Aprilynne's series, WINGS, is as awesome as her chocolate, she's an AMAZING author, too! Nice post.