Monday, October 3, 2011

Interview with Literary Agent Vickie Motter and Her Favorite Creole Recipe

Today, we have visiting us, the wonderful literary agent, Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary.  From what I hear Vickie is an awesome agent.  Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to meet up with her at the New England SCBWI conference in April. 

Welcome, Vickie.

Thanks for having me! Looking through some of your recipes and other posts makes me want to get in the kitchen right now and get super fat, haha.

I'm a new agent with Andrea Hurst Literary Management. You can find me blogging at both the agency website, and at my own blog, Navigating the Slush Pile.

My food and literary tastes are very similar, that is, I'll eat and read just about anything. But I love going back to the cozy comforts. Pair Kraft Mac'n'Cheese and a good YA novel and I'm one happy camper.

Of course, I never underestimate a delicious, self-indulgent feast of heavy foods (cheese is good, so are carbs, and a good slab of meat), or, if I'm continuing with this literary feast thing, a wonderfully heavy, dark, guilty pleasure read, ie Adult Paranormal/Urban Fantasy.

Actually, that sums up pretty well what I'm looking for, cozy or dark in both YA (contemporary or para) and Adult Para&UF.

 A dark, guilty, pleasure read sounds like the direction I need to steer my book club! Can you share your favorite literary feast or treat. What makes this food and/or writing so memorable?
The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick. It's so rich, with both a great plot/story line and a fabulous hook, ie the pictures that occasionally tell the story in place of words. It's like a big Thanksgiving feast and dessert all at once.

A book I, obviously need to add to my reading list, hear that book club?. Now, if you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling meat, what is your A+, number 1 editing/query-reading snack?
Crackers. Any sort of crackers will do, but I'm a big fan of Triscuits and Wheat Thins. A big pile of queries usually requires a couple handfuls of raisins as well, to keep the blood sugar up.

Speaking of Triscuits have you tried their Thin Crisp Four Cheese? YUM! So I have to ask, can you tell us about your own edible specialty, and rate your skill in the kitchen: novice, not bad, or nominate me for a Michelin star?

Sugar free, chocolate pudding pie (made with chocolate pudding, milk, cream cheese, and whipped cream, topped with fresh strawberries). I also refer to it as my Chocolate Mousse, Whipped Slice of Heaven pie. My skill in the kitchen? Not too shabby, I can definitely feed myself (though I'm not sure others would always want to eat some of my creations), and I love experimenting with sugar free baking, one-pot meals, and quesadillas/grilled cheese sandwiches.

 I have a soft spot for on-pot meals, less cleaning and grilled cheese sandwiches, butter, cheese, fried bread... I digress, and drool.  Let's move on to our next question.  If you were stuck on an island and Pots n Pens granted you one food and one book what would they be?

Crackers! (as long as the island has fruit trees on it) And only one book? I don't suppose I can request my Kindle and access to wireless internet can I? Well alright, I'll have to go with my always trusty standby, and long time comfort book, Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Because if you're on a deserted island, you'd want your best friend with you.

Sneaky, but good idea! I would request my nook with 4G (does that exist yet?) Silly me, duplicated the above question with a slight tweak for our last question.  Vickie, you're great to reexamine the question further. Here's the twist on the above question: If you could only live with only one book and only one food, what would they be?

My fabulous Jumbo Style Chicken Creole (recipe included), because it has everything you need for a balanced diet.  Only one book forever and forever? Could I cheat and ask for a series? Like all of Harry Potter (dive into those deep enough and your literary mind could be satisfied forever), or all of the Sword of Truth series (because those could take a life time to read, haha). Otherwise... one of Susan Elizabeth Phillips's All Star Series books, Match Me if you Can or Natural Born Charmer maybe. Because it has everything you need for a balanced diet, er, I mean read :D

And here is a link to my recipe for Jumbo Style Chicken Creole, you can serve it with rice, and can add any extras into it--I adds Andoiulle Sausage and Shrimp to make it more Gumbo-y. Also, I add a bit of Sriracha sauce, usually when cooking the chicken, for an added kick.

 Chicken Creole might be on the menu for tonight's dinner.  That and a good book!
Thank you, so much, Vickie for joining us today. 



  1. Great interview! Comparing food to a literary feast is a great metaphor!

  2. I love reading about Vickie's comfort foods! And I also love Triscuits--especially the new Fire roasted tomato flavor.

    Great interview Ansha and Vickie! Thanks!

  3. What a fun interview! That Chicken Creole looks amazing. :)

  4. Love your taste in books and food! The Chicken Creole looks so yummy--reminds me of when I lived in New Orleans. The food spoiled my tastebuds. And thanks for a few leads on books to add to my reading list, too. :)

  5. Chicken Creole is sooo good, and I'm looking forward to giving this recipe a try. Vicki sounds like a wonderful agent--love those heavy, dark books.

  6. Great interview! I also can't wait to try that recipe too - looks perfect for a cool fall night!

  7. Great interview! Crackers are such a terrific choice--there are so many to choose from! And I adore Ella Enchanted.

  8. The Creole looks great but I'm making that chocolage pudding pie. YUM! What a great interview!

  9. Great interview! I love anything chicken and any kind of added kick makes it so much better for me. Thank you!