Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Only Contest! Win this Handcrafted Coffee Sleeve

Because today is Friday, I'm having a spontaneous contest for this handcrafted (by me!) coffee sleeve. It has the word "Wish" as well as a wand hand embroidered on the front.

What is a coffee sleeve, you ask? Its a green alternative to the little cardboard sleeves the coffee places put on your cup so you don't burn your hand. I keep mine in my purse so I have it whenever I stop for some joe. It's washable and reusable! So yay for reducing your carbon footprint in such a cute and stylish way!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on THIS post (you have until midnight on Monday) saying that you would like to be entered in the random drawing. Then, check back on Tuesday when I'll announce the winner of the coffee sleeve as well as the signed copy of FOREVER. (There's still time to enter that contest by the way.) If I announce you as the winner, just email me at the email address I'll provide in the post.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. It's adorable - sign me up for the drawing!

  2. Beautiful handiwork, Cole. :) Some lucky coffee drinker will be thrilled!

  3. Oh, Cole, I LOVE it! Definitely sign me up!

  4. very nice idea. if many people use that then there would be less people who would use cardboard on their coffee. plus that cloth of yours is reusable! thanks!

    DREI loves nurses uniforms