Monday, March 25, 2013

Revision Bunker

I'm in the midst of revisions on multiple projects right now, so that means I keep my head down and there is a HUGE variety of cold cereal at our house. But even I know I can only feed my 3 kids (ages 7 and under), only so much cold cereal before they might need some other food groups. (I know, totally Mom of the Year, right?)

One of my favorite, quick and easy, good for lunch or dinner, meals all starts with some chicken. Leftover chicken from the night before, a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, some KFC or Popeye's works too. Whatevs.

I grab a few things we always have on hand at our house:
Mayo (lite mayo if you want)
a couple stalks of celery
Craisins (YUM! our kids all love these!)
a couple slices of onion
Curry powder
Salt & Pepper
Bread (any kind)

I'm sure you all know where I'm going with this ...

Chop up the chicken, celery, and onions. Throw in a handful of craisins and a scoop of mayo, a dash of  paprika, a pinch of curry powder, and stir. Mix it really well then taste it BEFORE you add any salt and pepper. This really depends on the kind of chicken you use and how well it's seasoned before you added all the other stuff. You don't want to over-season.

Toss all this on top of some bread and EAT.

I know, you probably didn't need a recipe of this, but I think some of us forget the really simple things when we have so much craziness happening around us. A reminder to not think so hard when it comes to that "what's for lunch/dinner?" question sometimes is all it takes for us to remember that leaving the revision bunker to come have a meal with the family doesn't mean we all have to eat cold cereal. A quick forage through the pantry and fridge and you might be surprised what you come up with!